Indiana Equine Neglect Reporting

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Information for those of you in Indiana that need to report Neglect, Abuse, or Hoarder situations that involve a horse, pony, mule, or other livestock/farm animal, etc...

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Q: What does Indiana law say about neglect and/or abuse of animals?
A: Neglect and abuse are illegal under Indiana law. For more information, click here.

Q: How do I report a suspected case of abuse and/or neglect of an animal?
A: Cases involving livestock and poultry, including horses, can be reported to BOAH by calling (877) 747-3038 or e-mailing  Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted because appropriate follow-up may be needed.  Livestock and poultry cases will be investigated in cooperation with the local law enforcement agency.  To report suspected abuse and/or neglect affecting companion animals, such as dogs and cats, contact your local animal control agency.  That may be the city police or county sheriff's department.  The state does not have jurisdiction to be the leading authority on these cases, but we will follow up and assist the local officials when necessary. 

Q: Who is responsible for animal control in my area?
A: A local government-run animal control agency/organization is not mandated in Indiana. The level and organization of animal control varies widely from county to county. Only about half of Indiana's counties have an organized animal control agency. Some have contractual agreements with local, private organizations or neighboring counties to perform those tasks. Some larger metropolitan areas have city animal control agencies apart from county system.

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Regulation of the treatment of animals takes place on the federal, state, and local level.

Indiana state law prohibits the following:

  1. Cruelty, abandonment, and neglect of animals.
  2. Acts of torture and physical abuse of an animal are a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-12.
  3. Conducting, promoting, participating in, and attending an animal fighting contest are crimes in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-8 through IC 35-46-3-10.
  4. Neglect or abandonment of an animal is a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-7. A court may permanently confiscate animals that are abused or neglected. IC 35-46-3-6.

Regulation of the treatment of animals in Indiana is not limited to state laws, counties may regulate animals. Animal shelters and animal control agencies are local institutions usually overseen by city or county government or a nonprofit organization.

The Board of Animal Health has limited jurisdiction in animal abuse and neglect matters. BOAH will assist law enforcement officials in their investigation these crimes and provide information and analysis to a court after an order has been issued.

To report a case of animal neglect or abuse: Contact the local animal control agency for the jurisdiction, if there is one (not all cities/counties have official animal control). In the absence of an animal control agency, contact the local sheriff's department or police agency to report. These agencies may submit an official request for the assistance of the Board of Animal Health.

For more information on procedures in abuse and neglect matters see IC 35-46-3.

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Calls to report suspected cases of equine neglect may be directed to one of the following organizations: Indiana Horse Council: 317-692-7115 (all calls will be documented in case report form); Or local county Sheriff Department or Animal Control Shelter. • Individuals wishing to remain anonymous when reporting concerns may contact the Indiana Horse Council and the office will contact appropriate authorities. • Local authorities may contact the Indiana Horse Council to request educational, resource (i.e. hay, farrier, hauling, etc.), or assistance in evaluating animal condition/s and possible solutions (outside of legal recourse). Should a law enforcement officer suspect that it may be necessary to prosecute, it is recommended that they contact the Indiana Board of Animal Health to request a review of the animals by an official veterinarian. The Indiana State Board of Animal Health phone number is (317) 227-0300. NOTE: Equine professionals may only assist within the jurisdiction of local authorities, and with accompanying authorities.

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General inquiries may be sent to the Indiana State Police at

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