Cocoa is back and she needs your help!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Heartbreaking news about Cocoa. 


We can not tell you just how horrible we feel that Cocoa was neglected, yet again! This time by a central Indiana boarding facility (who boasts that they do "rescue" also, along with therapeutic riding lessons) and their boarder who adopted Cocoa from us. However we can not totally blame the boarder, she has told us that she has been diagnosed with some health issues that has kept her from being able to get out to see Cocoa. We truly feel bad for the boarder and hope and pray that she can get through this tough time... our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.


When you are a boarding facility YOU are responsible for the animals in your care, no matter if your boarder comes out to take care of that animal or not. YOU, as the caretaker, have a responsibility to make sure that the animal is taken care of properly. If that means you have to "foot the bill" and then charge your boarder for the care, then so be it. YOU do NOT get to just let the animal suffer and neglect it just because the owner of the animal has not or can not come out to do their part!

Cocoa is now back at R&M Ranch and is gaining weight nicely and shedding out the retained winter hair from the malnutrition. To see updates on Cocoa, please visit her photo album on our Facebook page here: 

If you'd like to help with Cocoa's rehab go here for that information: 

The condition in which Cocoa was found on 5/21/16:

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Updated progress pics and so forth will be posted to Cocoa's album on our Facebook Page here: 


The mixed information that has been given to R&M Ranch by the Boarder (the person who adopted Cocoa), the Boarding Facility Owner (the person responsible for the care of the animals, even if a boarder is unable to take care of the animal that is located on their property they can be held just as accountable as the owner if neglect charges are brought up), and one of the Boarding Facility Volunteers/Employees/Trainers:


Volunteer said Boarder was behind on paying for board, but Facility Owner never told us the Boarder was behind when we spoke with them multiple times after finding Cocoa neglected.


Boarding Facility Owner and Volunteer said Boarder was suppose to purchase and pay for hay, and that Boarder got the hay but never paid for it. Facility Owner also said Boarder was suppose to pay for a dewormer pack but never did. Volunteer said that Boarder did not purchase a blanket for Cocoa and that Facility Owner had to use hers and 3 were destroyed and that Boarder had not paid to replace them. Volunteer also said that Cocoa had been dewormed multiple times, but it was unclear to us who she was referring to as the person who had dewormed Cocoa and did not state what she had been dewormed with or when exactly she had been dewormed. Boarder did not say they dewormed Cocoa and Facility Owner said she had not dewormed Cocoa.


Boarder moved their other horse to another boarding place but left Cocoa and never explained why.


Facility Owner said while Boarder was body clipping Cocoa their phone went off and they stopped clipping and said they had an appointment to get to. Volunteer said that Boarders clippers broke. Boarder told us that they had only clipped Cocoa's front legs and that the Boarding Facility Owner had done some more of it for them afterwards.


Boarder had told us they had not been out to see Cocoa for 2 months because of health issues. Boarding Facility Owner told someone else that the Boarder had not been out there for 4 months. The last pictures of Cocoa we received from Boarder were on February 19th 2016. We found Cocoa at the Boarding Facility in emaciated condition on May 21st 2016.


Boarder and Facility Owner had told us that they were not posting pictures of Cocoa because Boarder had not told her dad she had adopted her from us yet. Why would the Boarder not tell her father? The Boarder is a grown adult.


Facility Owner said she did not want to call us because she did not want to upset the Boarders dad, because he has done fundraisers for the Boarding Facility (for their supposed "rescue efforts" and their supposed "therapeutic riding program", of which they state to the public they are a 501c3, we have been unable to find them registered in the state of Indiana as a business, nor does it come up as a legitimate 501c3 when searched on


The Boarding Facility Owner and Volunteer said they were feeding Cocoaa 1/2 bale of hay in the morning and a 1/2 bale in the evening and that Cocoa was finishing it. We at R&M Ranch have had a "babysitter horse" in the lot with Cocoa 24/7 since she has been back, and we have been feeding 1/2 bale of hay in the morning and a 1/2 bale in the evening, and between the baby sitter horse and Cocoa they have physically been unable to finish that much hay in a day.


The Boarding Facility Owner swore up and down that she thought Cocoa had Cushings and she blamed THAT on why Cocoa had lost weight. Once Cocoa was back at R&M Ranch we had her tested and she came up negative for having anything health related wrong with her... other than being neglected. When we showed this proof to the Boarding Facility Owner, the Volunteer, and the Boarder, none of them admitted to not feeding Cocoa enough and keeping up with a good deworming schedule.


We have brought all of this to their attention, but yet none of the above parties want to take responsibility or help. 

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