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Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Dear Gigi,

My name is Michelle Gordon, of R&M Ranch which is located in Elwood IN. We rehabilitate and rehome neglected and abused equine. Landi of Swinging M Stables has sent us a gift for the rescues in honor of Bandit. Honestly, I sat down to write up a thank you letter and a tribute to Bandit, all in my own words of course, but once I read what Landi and others already had to say I thought their words would be the best to use, because they were such touching stories. I can tell you are a very special person and you loved Bandit and gave him everything he could ever want or need. I thank you for being the person that you are and taking such good care of your horse who was so special to you and to many who had the pleasure of knowing Bandit.

Now on to the beautiful things that so many had to say about Bandit, and you…

Landi wrote: Gigi is a very warm-hearted, tender lady who loves all animals. Seven years ago Bandit was given a life expectancy of 2 months to 5 years because of cancer and colic surgery. Due to Gigi's attentive and diligent care, he outlived his life expectancy. She would carefully pre-mix his morning and evening feed, with the appropriate medicines for each feeding and put it in tupperware containers carefully labeled along with syringes with the dosage of medicine for that day. She set up a shelf in our feed room with all her supplies including a bucket for the empty feed containers and she hung a special bucket by his stall for the empty syringes. She filled his syringes for the week. On her Owner's Information Sheet Gigi says: "He is spoiled and loves treats." She came to our barn last May. Here are comments from our instructor Caroline Johnson: “ In Gigi's prior barn she let Bandit be used for a lesson horse after her daughter moved from the area and was no longer riding on a regular basis. At our barn, she did the same. Even though she was not riding anymore, she was very generous in sharing Bandit and her equipment. A girl name Hannah was taking lessons on him. Gigi had offered to let Hannah come out and ride outside her lesson time.” Landi also writes: One of our former boarders, Courtney Burke who owned Milo, heard that Bandit and Gigi were boarding with us. This is what Courtney wrote me: "Landi, I just had to tell you. The gelding, Bandit, that is in the stall Milo had been in is a horse I rode long ago! Her daughter and I were barn friends and use to take lessons and ride each other’s horses growing up. I use to show Bandit and took him to a pony club dressage rally once. He has always been one of my favorites through the years.” Landi also states: Our barn manager, Carrie, remembers Gigi standing in the grassy area by the swing brushing Bandit with her dog Roy peacefully lying beside them and the warm sun shining on them - all in their own little world. I recall when Gigi first came to our barn and Bandit was in a new situation - new stall, new pasture, new pasture mate. She was so diligent to come out and check on him. She was so happy that Bandit and his pasture mate, Scott, had formed such a close connection. She was very careful to make sure we always put a fly mask on him because of his eye condition. She said she was happy that Bandit had found "his forever home." She cared for Bandit with every ounce of her being. Our lives were enriched by knowing Gigi and Bandit.

What the gift in Bandit’s honor is helping to do: Here are photos of Star Promotion (Star) and her story, one of the rescues who are currently still at our facility awaiting her forever home.

Star, a 20 year old Thoroughbred mare, came to us at not even a body score of 1 on the Henneke scale and might always have small bare spots on her back and rump from the severe rain rot she came in with that gave her deep wounds. She has come a long way and is a very sweet horse. Pictured with her is our daughter, Tyra (age 12 at the time), who not only helps around the ranch, but also helps work on the ground and in saddle with the rescues once they have been physically rehabilitated and are ready.


store/uploads/star intake.JPG

Star when she first came in


store/uploads/star at 6 months.JPG 

Star at 6 months into rehabilitation


store/uploads/star flysheet.JPG

Star with her new flysheet


store/uploads/star pjs.JPG 

Star with her PJ’s on

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Thank you for helping to make a difference…
and changing the end story for horses like Star

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