Rehomed! - Angela

Arrived on Thursday, June 21, 2012, estimated age 7yrs at arrival and currently 12yrs
Rehomed on Saturday, November 03, 2012


Intake Status

Angela is not lame and is ok for turnout with others and light riding. She has a slight deformity of the lower right front and slight club foot because of it. The farrier at the rescue in IL further aggravated that by incorrectly trimming, her heal was too long and the inner side of the hoof (the side next to the other leg) and her toe were trimmed to the sole. Purdues farrier balanced her out the best he could and gave instructions for correct trimming every 6 weeks. We have started her on a hoof supplement to help build a stronger wall.

Angela has a long story, she was found as a stray in KY by AC in pretty good condition early spring 2012, after a hold there she was transferred to a rescue in IL. on 4/6/12. The rescue decided she had too many problems and needed to be euthanized. Some very caring people here in IN thought something just was not quite right and wanted to give Angela a chance. Well, the IN people were right! Not only did multiple Purdue vets, private vets, and 2 different farriers find nothing wrong enough that would cause a death sentence for Angela, but her fosters (including us) have found that there are no behavioral issues or anything else that the IL rescue claimed was wrong with Angela.

Current Status


Love is Expensive

We estimate the cost of keeping this horse at $10 per day for rehabilitation (about 90 days) then $5 per day thereafter, which means for the 135 days we have taken care of and rehabilitated Rehomed! - Angela we have paid approximately $1350 (does not include Vet/Farrier Bills).

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