R.I.P. - Hugo

Arrived on Wednesday, February 04, 2015, estimated age 7yrs at arrival and currently 9yrs
Rehomed on Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Intake Status

Hugo is an intake for Madison County on a neglect case, he was seized.

Current Status

Update 3/18/2015

It is with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to Hugo (Diamond Dango). He had many medical issues that could not be helped and would have only gotten worse or become life-threatening as time went on. The Vets did not feel he would have a good quality of life. We can say "Maybe if the previous owners had taken care of these medical issues and maybe if he was not then neglected causing the medical issue to get even worse, he would have had a chance." But that doesn't make us, the ones who cared enough to try and do right by Hugo, feel any better. We tried, and after 3 veterinarians evaluated his conditions, the decision was made to let Hugo cross over the rainbow bridge so that he could run free with no health problems, an endless field of green grass under his feet, and a never ending cool brook to drink from. We would like to thank everybody for their continued support in what we do. Without you none of them that cross our doors would have even a glimmer of a chance. Special thanks to our dearest friends, family, the Animal Control/Law Enforcement Officer, Horse and Hound Veterinary Clinic and Friends of Ferdinand for all that they have done to help with this case. 

Love is Expensive

We estimate the cost of keeping this horse at $10 per day for rehabilitation (about 90 days) then $5 per day thereafter, which means for the 42 days we have taken care of and rehabilitated R.I.P. - Hugo we have paid approximately $420 (does not include Vet/Farrier Bills).

Please consider sending us a gift via PayPal to help cover the costs of providing shelter to R.I.P. - Hugo and other neglected animals.

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