Star - retired sanctuary rescue

Arrived on Monday, December 19, 2011, estimated age 19yrs at arrival and currently 25yrs
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Intake Status

Madison County neglect intake 

Current Status

Update 2015 - Star is a retirement sanctuary OTTB. The only thing Star would really be good for is a pasture buddy. She has arthritis, is getting slightly swayback, is a very hard keeper when it comes to keeping her weight up, and is turning 23 in 2016. She is on special feed and supplements. We put her in retirement status at our rescue after 2014 when we noticed all the age complications starting to pop up.

Located in Central Indiana – Star – Approximately 19 year old Thoroughbred mare (can not read tattoo, too faded, but AC was told her name is Star Promotion ), 16 hands, will need an intermediate to advanced rider. She has scares on her back and rump from the severe rain rot she came in with that gave her deep wounds, but you can still rider her with a good thick fluffy pad. Star needs a home where she can retire to just light riding.  She does not trailer well and will get buddy sour if left to do nothing for a while.  Will be a "no fee" rehoming under a "first right of refusal contract". Her rider+gear weight limit is 227lbs.

Love is Expensive

We estimate the cost of keeping this horse at $10 per day for rehabilitation (about 90 days) then $5 per day thereafter, which means for the 2221 days we have taken care of and rehabilitated Star - retired sanctuary rescue we have paid approximately $22210 (does not include Vet/Farrier Bills).

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