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As most know, our daughter (Tyra) suffered a riding accident at one of her horse shows at Hamilton County in Indiana on 8/27/16.  

She has suffered a severe concussion causing Traumatic Brain Injury, it caused her severe stuttering, tremors, and an inability to walk on her own for the first couple of months.  She has been in therapy for a long while now and is doing much better, but still has some issues that she will be working on for the next year or so they say.

Between the medical bills from the hospital, doctors, speech and physical therapy, any financial assistance is greatly appreciated.

Details of what happened: 
Fiona refused a jump. Ty's bad hip popped (that she had injured in track at school), she had no strength in the hip after that to hold, Fiona went down on her knees (Horse is ok) and Ty went Head Over Heels over Fiona's neck and head. Severe concussion causing severe stutter, shaking, and inability to walk on her own. 
For those who are not "horsie" and familiar with our terms. Refusing a jump means the horse suddenly stops right before they are to jump over their obstacle. That might be at a trot or canter (canter being faster than trot, trot is faster than walk). When a horse (Fiona is an OTTB, Off The Track Thoroughbred, and weighs approximately 1200-1300 lbs) does that, it is sudden and jolts you. When that happened Tyras hip gave way and she couldn't hold herself in place well enough to stay balanced in the saddle. Tyra injured her right hip 1 1/2 years before the riding accident during school track and we've been working with it since and she started riding again in 2016 with the Orthopedic Specialists ok. When Ty lost that balance, that through her weight onto Fionas front-end too much, causing Fiona to go to her knees. When Fiona fell to her knees that then caused Tyra to fly out of the saddle over Fionas head. She landed flat on her back and hit the back of her head on the ground (with helmet on). This was nobodies fault, not Tyras, not Fionas, not Tyras trainer (who is a very good friend of ours and an excellent rider and trainer). This was just one of those days that sometimes happen. You do what you can to make sure you're child is safe, to make sure they know what they are doing, to make sure they have the proper safety gear, etc... so they can do what they love. Sometimes things just happens that you can't always control, this is one of those times. Horses are not for the faint of heart. ;) Fiona is ok and Tyra will be ok. She's a tough girl and a stubborn one at that. ;) And I know she herself, God, and all of us will get her through this.

For all updates about Tyra or if you'd like to help with the medical/financial bills please go to the fundraiser we have set up for that:



Also, don't miss out on the fundraiser items up on eBay that benefit R&M Ranch and/or Tyra's medical/financial bills. Please click the link to view all items http://www.ebay.com/usr/mickiebon.


We would like to send out a BIG thank you to all those who have supported R&M Ranch rescue efforts through the years! We could not have done it without you! You are greatly appreciated! Please consider continuing your support till we've been able to rehome all the current rescues we have on site. Just because we are shutting down the intake side of R&M Ranch does not mean that we still don't have rescues here that need your help till they find their forever homes. No amount is too small, every little bit helps! 


Update 8/27/15  -  We are currently looking for someone to offer Madison County Indiana the same assistance that we do (taking in, rehabilitating, and rehoming into good homes), for the rescues when they have to seize, they are found as strays, or are owner surrenders.  If you would like to know more about that or are interested in assisting Madison County, please contact us at mickiebon@sbcglobal.net or via private message through our Facebook page.  R&M Ranch will no longer be doing rescue intakes.  It’s been 10+ years and we feel that it’s now time to shut down that part of R&M Ranch and focus more on our family and the things needed there. We will still keep our website up, http://www.rmranch.net , and have available to the public the informational and educational documents that we have always offered for free.  Nothing will change on us still offering our assistance in education to owners, LE, AC, etc...  We will also keep our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/RandMRanch , up to still assist owners and other rescues in networking their in-need/adoptable animals into new homes and to help share out the alerts from Stolen Horse International, http://www.netposse.com .  There will be no change in our First Right of Refusal contracts we have on the rescues we have rehomed in the past, nor the ones in the future from the rescues that are still here and still available for rehoming, they will always have that “safety net”.  We will continue to adopt out/rehome the rescues we currently have onsite, we will just no longer be taking any new ones on.  We would still like to ask the public to assist with the cost of care of the current rescues we have onsite, till they can find their forever homes.  You can either do this by contributing to our fundraiser here:  http://fnd.us/318SR2?ref=sh_5aKWf or through our paypal here:  https://www.paypal.me/mickiebon  or you can send contributions for vet care directly to our vets, go to this link to learn how to do that:  https://www.facebook.com/RMRanchRescueFundraisers/photos/a.907585962623619.1073741829.765473813501502/907585852623630

We ask that everyone please send us an email or PM if you have questions.  Anything online (website, FB, etc…) will be updated as time permits.

Thank you,

Michelle Gordon

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A small 19 acre ranch on the outskirts of Elwood, Indiana (approximately 45+ minutes north of Indianapolis) who take in neglected, abused and abandoned animals (mainly horses), work closely with Animal Control and Law Enforcement, and also help to educate.


R&M Ranch is NOT a non-profit organization, but they also don't make a penny from doing this either.  In fact, a lot of the time the funds to care for the rescues comes out of their own pockets, using hard-earned money from the owners day jobs and any sales from things listed on this website.  If you wish to assist financially you can use PayPal to gift money OR contact Michelle to see if there are other needs that you can provide such as gifting supplies or services.


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